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All You Need To Know About Anal Products

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We are talking about anal product such as Lubricants and Anal Desensitizers. When it comes to anal sex toy product some of the biggest fears for many users is the possibility of injury. The anal region is very sensitive and while this is responsible for the intense pleasure anal penetration can produce it can also be responsible for the injury. That is why it is imperative that a lubricant is used at all times when using an anal sex toy product. The anus does not naturally secrete any of its own lubricants so if a lubricant is not used there will be too much friction which is guaranteed to at a minimum cause a little soreness. At the worst not using lubricants will result in cutting and tearing or infections. Another advantage to using lubricants is that the lubricants will increase the pleasurable sensations of sexual penetration by adding a smooth silky sensation. When choosing a lubricant for anal sex play there are a few options:

Water-Based Lubricants

Are the safest though they are often not as thick as other options. Water-based lubricants are great. They come in both thick and thin consistencies and can be used for males and females. You do not have to worry much about water- base lubricants because there is no risk of damaging most condoms and sex toys. Water-based lubes are great to use because they will not clog up your pores and it washes off very easy with soap and water.

Water-based lubricants come in different flavours such as fruit, raspberry, cherry, tropical, strawberry watermelon and countless other flavours. The water-based lubes that come in flavours are edible and therefore can be used for oral sex. Water-based lubricants also come in a tingling and or warming options. These are all great options for anyone who wants to spice up their sex life. But please be advised if you are a female who is prone to yeast infections you should select a lubricant that does not have flavours, tingling and or warming additives.

Oil-Based Lubricants

When it comes to anal sex and or vaginal sex oil-based lubricants are discouraged as they have been shown to increase the risk of bacterial infection by leaving a residue along the lining of the rectum. However, this kind of lubricant is wonderful for giving a massage. Oil-based lubricants are made from all-natural ingredients and the risk to an allergic reaction or skin irritation are limited. Oil lubricants last and long time because they do not dry out. Because of this, oil-based lubricants are great for rubbing down your lover’s body as a way to assist with relaxation. Oil lubricants should not be used with condoms and if too much is used it can clog your pores so please make sure that when your adult fun is over you wash off correctly with warm soap and water.

Silicon-Based Lubes

A fairly new and safe invention is silicon-based lubes. This lube is usually very thick making them a great candidate for anal pleasure and vaginal pleasure as well. Silicone lube last long timed and a little bit goes a long way. Because of this, it can be used underwater such as in the pool or bathtub. It is a little harder to clean off as compared to water-based lubes so make sure when you are done having your adult fun you wash it all off properly. Silicone-based lubes can be used on all skin types however silicone-based lubricant should never be used on sex toys that are made with silicone materials.

Anal Desensitizers

For the anal novice, there are numbing lubricants that will cut down on any possibly uncomfortable feelings. Anal desensitizers are a group of products designed to numb and sometimes lubricate the area around the anus. Anal desensitizers also will relax the muscles in and around the anus making penetration that much easier. Most anal desensitizers contain the chemicals lidocaine or benzocaine. These are the chemicals which are responsible for the ability to numb.

Anal desensitizers are often used and preferred by those who are concerned about possible pain due to penetration The numbing allows one to experience anal penetration without any chance of uncomfortable or painful sensations. Also, those with a naturally tighter anus may enjoy the use of an anal desensitizer in order to assist with penetration. It may also be a good idea to use an anal desensitizer when experimenting with a slightly larger toy. It is important to note however the dangers of using anal desensitizers. Because of the numbing effect of an anal desensitizer, it is easy to overdo it.

Using anal desensitizer

When using an anal desensitizer it is important to start slowly as always with any sort of anal penetration and not to go beyond your bodies limit. When using anal desensitizers it is easy to rush too vigorously into anal penetration which may result in an injury or tearing. It is for this reason that many prefer anal desensitizer products which are less numbing and designed more for relaxing the muscles around the anus. As with all anal products it ultimately boils down to personal preference and experimenting to find what can produce the ultimate pleasure for you.


The final thing to note is that with anal play lubricants will most likely have to be replayed several times during the course of action though silicone lubricants are usually a little longer lasting. Get these anal sextoy at Adult Product website.

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