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Anal Toys: All You Need To Know

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What are anal toys?

As children, many of us may have learned that the rectum is a dirty, forbidden place. What many of us did not learn is that the anus is an erogenous zone for both men and women. So it comes as no surprise that anal toys have a certain stigma attached to them. The rectum contains a collection of nerves which are used in the excretion process. Stimulating these nerves produces deep, pleasurable sensations. Anal toys provide a unique opportunity to explore these nerves and prostate stimulation. The prostate gland is associated with the nerves that trigger an orgasm in the male and when it is massaged, the results can be electrifying.

How do I shop for anal toys?

When purchasing anal toys, examine what it is you want from the toy. Don’t think you can fit something huge up your rectum if you’ve never tried to before. Look for anal toys which fill your lifestyle and wishes. Be wary of products which could be potentially dangerous unless you know how to use them. These include fisting devices, spiked dildos and hard dildos. Such products can tear or puncture the rectum and colon if not used properly, and in the case of loosely connected anal beads, become lodged in the anus and have to be surgically removed.

Look for anal toys that are sturdy, soft to the touch, pliable, rounded and come with an enlarged flange or handle at the end. When relaxed you’d be surprised how easily toys can get lost in the anal cavity. If you and your partner are ready to try anal toys, here are a few pointers. use lubricant each and every time (we recommend Supreme 7 Dildo) always use toys with a flared base or handleif you are sharing your anal toys, cover the toy with a condombe gentle and try to follow the natural curve of the rectumif there is any pain, remove the toy and try again when you’re more relaxed relax, relax, relax

NEVER insert anything sharp into your rectum

First Timer? Finding that first anal toy is challenging. There are so many to choose from and most people just don’t know where to start. For all you first timers out there, we recommend the Little Flirt. This plug is manufactured from pure silicone, the best material for sex toys because of its non-porous surface and lifelike texture. Silicone is also extremely hygienic: to sterilize after use, just put the Little Flirt in boiling water for 30 seconds. A small, beautifully designed toy that is perfect for starters.Type of stimulation Butt plugs and other anal toys (used for masturbation and anal stimulation) often have ridges which further stimulate the nerves in the anus.

Shopping for butt plug

When shopping for a butt plug make sure that it has a wide base which will not allow it to slip into your rectum. Look carefully at what the plug is made from and its shape. There are some plugs which profess to follow the natural curve of your rectum but since each body is a bit different you may wish to avoid any plug that enters the body more than 4 inches. Try to find a plug that is made of a somewhat soft material that will bend while it is in your rectum. Silicone and jelly butt plugs are usually a good place to start. Another product which slowly stimulates the anus is anal beads. Sometimes referred to as “Oriental Love Beads” this anal toy looks like a bunch of marbles connected by a string.

These beads are inserted into the rectum and are then slowly removed and pleasure arrives as each bead is pulled out of the opening. Some people enjoy having the beads removed at the point of climax. For men, the stimulation of the prostate during orgasm can be extremely gratifying. When shopping for love beads make sure that the string connecting the beads is strong. Usually, nylon cord is the best material for the beads. Additionally, you may find that the beads have some rough edges. These edges must be smoothed out before they are used to minimize cuts to the anus.

Other toys work as well

Sex Toys which are thought to be for vaginal stimulation can be extremely satisfying when used anally. Electric vibrators can give intense stimulation to the outer regions of the anus which are very receptive to stimulation. Dildos are also generally acceptable for anal use. When shopping for a safe dildo intended for anal use, remember to look for a product with a wide bottom to prevent it from becoming lodged in the rectum. Also remember to find a product which is soft and pliable, to put the least amount of stress on the delicate tissue lining the rectum.

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