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What is a dildo?

Dildos are a favorite of men and women alike, their existence dating back several millennia. When women become sexually aroused the vagina balloons and the uterus elevates; and it is only normal for some women to wish to feel the fullness of penetration. This does not mean that a dildo should be regarded as a surrogate for the penis, as a dildo can take on many different shapes and sizes. For example, take a look at the Atomic Disintegrator a unique design which produces unique sensations. For men, a dildo can offer stimulation of the prostate when used anally. Both hetero and homosexual men use dildos for self-pleasure and with their partners.

What should I look for in a dildo?

Finding the dildo that is right for you can be a very frustrating process. The range of sizes and features is overwhelming. Before buying a dildo, take a moment and think about what dildo is most likely to appeal to you. The key factors to look for in a dildo are shape, size and the type of material used.

Shape of dildos

When buying a dildo consider whether it is to be used anally, vaginally or both. If the dildo is going to be used for anal penetration, then you should look at butt plugs or dildos which have a flared base. A flared base prevents the dildo from going in too far.The shapes of dildos these days is truly amazing. Some look like a penis complete with scrotum and testes while others may be shaped into recognizable figurines. The style of the dildo that you choose is all based on personal preference. Some men and women may feel uncomfortable using something that so closely resembles a penis so there are other designs available to you. You can purchase a dildo that has an attachment which will gently massage the clitoris as it is used in the vagina. Watch out for adjustable or “bendable” dildos that have hard plastic or metallic core. The harder material in the centre can break the soft outer layer of rubber or silicone, potentially causing injury.If you enjoy the traditional dildo shape, you might want to try the Crystal Jelly. This inexpensive 8-inch dildo is perfect for vaginal stimulation. The ridges and texture make this one of the better-designed toys on the market. Use with a dab of water-based lubricant.

Size of dildos

When using a dildo for vaginal penetration, consider the width. Dildos can range anywhere from 1”to 3” in diameter, measured at the widest point. You may wish to estimate the width you prefer with your fingers, but the only real way to tell is to experiment. Most women have some idea as to the size they prefer. Size considerations are different for anal toys. If you are beginning to experiment with anal toys then start off small and work your way up. See our section on anal toys for a more detailed discussion. If you think bigger is better, then you’re not going to get much bigger than this realistic model.

Material of dildos

Dildos are made from a variety of different substances including rubber, wood, glass, plastic and silicone. Each substance has certain advantages and drawbacks. Silicone is considered to be the best material, albeit the most expensive. Silicone is the smoothest and most flexible of all the materials. The fact that a silicone dildo does not have tiny grooves or bumps in the surface makes it an easy toy to clean. Furthermore, it can be made to quickly heat up or cool down. Silicone dildos are a costly item with some models selling for more than 4000. The average silicon dildo is priced at around 3000. If you’re looking for the most realistic texture and all-around most wonderful dildo – then spend the money on a silicone model. The Rhythm is specially curved for g-spot stimulation and ridged for maximum pleasure. Silicone will retain body heat and last a lifetime. To keep your silicone toy clean, you can boil it in water for a couple of seconds.

Tip: You can place your silicone dildo in the microwave for 30 seconds before use.

You’ll appreciate the warmth!

Another possibility to check out are the e-glass dildos. These dildos can also be heated or cooled to your preference and offer a unique sexual experience with their smooth glass surfaces. Their elegant design allows them to double as fine glass art that can be kept and displayed on a shelf as opposed to hidden in a drawer.

Why would I want to use a dildo?

Dildos are a completely different form of penetration. They allow the person being penetrated to be in complete control of the range, speed and type of motion as well as the angle of penetration. Dildos have many benefits, only one of which is the pleasure of stimulating the vagina or anus. When using a dildo, the user has the unique opportunity to fully control the speed of the thrusting. In addition, dildos allow the user to adjust the size and thickness of the penetration. Even if your partner’s penis or fingers offer a great deal of sexual pleasure, a dildo can supplement your typical lovemaking. A dildo can also provide a welcome change when you are masturbating, acting as another source of stimulation. Imagine controlled exploration of your body, without fear that a slip or misjudgment by your partner will cause pain or discomfort. Dildos can also improve sexual health. Menopausal women can use dildos to help decrease the effects of menopause on the vaginal wall. Menopause often causes thinning of the vaginal walls. Regular use of a dildo will maintain vaginal tone by exercising the vaginal muscles. Dildos can also help lessen the effects of vaginismus. This is a condition where the muscles in the vagina become tense, which can make intercourse quite painful. A dildo allows controlled penetration to ease the tension, readying a woman for penetration by her partner.

How do I use a dildo safely?

You can probably guess that dildos are not the most difficult sex toys to use. Nonetheless, if dildos are not used properly then they can cause harm or discomfort.

Read all you need to know about anal toys

Sharing dildos

Virtually all dildos are made from a porous substance (i.e. rubber, jelly, wood) and these materials can collect infected semen, blood, urine or vaginal discharge. When a person shares a dildo, they risk sharing infections and STDs as well. Whenever you are using dildos with multiple partners you should cover the dildo with a condom. Change the condom after every partner.Keeping it cleanIf you are using a dildo with a regular partner with whom you feel safe, then the precautions focus on keeping your dildo clean. Regular washing with soap and water can keep the dildo fairly clean. Silicone dildos, like the Hot Rod Luxury Silver, do not have a porous surface, and therefore they do not have the same propensity to collect fluids. When using a dildo by yourself or with a partner make sure you clean the dildo completely after each use. If you are moving from the vagina to the mouth or another part of the body, make sure that you wash the dildo well in between uses. Warm, soapy water is the best way to wash your dildo. Silicone dildos can be boiled to destroy any infected solutions.The anus contains bacteria that could be harmful to the rest of your body. Before using a dildo anally, always cover it with a condom. Remove the condom after each use. Whether with an old or new partner, it’s important to protect your toys from the bacteria found in the rectum.Keeping it wet.


Whenever using a dildo, the lubricant is a must. Ensure that you use a liberal amount of the slippery stuff, both on the dildo and in the vagina or anus. Lubricant allows for smooth and comfortable insertion and will aid in stimulation. A water-based lubricant (we recommend Astroglide) * is absolutely necessary for anal penetration because the inside of the rectum tends to be sticky. Without lubricant, you can tear the delicate tissues on the rectal lining or find it hard to remove.

Respecting your partner

When using a dildo be respectful of yourself and your partner’s body. Dildos should be careful because sudden pressure can cause discomfort. Always take it slow, speeding up as you feel more comfortable. For safe vaginal penetration, make sure that the dildo follows the natural path of the vagina. When using a dildo anally, go very slow following the natural curvature of the rectum. If at any moment you experience any discomfort, slowly remove or readjust the massager. Using a dildo is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Solitary experimentation is a good place to start; you can determine which part of the dildo feels best to you. Report your findings to your partner. Once your partner knows what you like, it will be much easier to satisfy you.You may also choose to use your dildo in combination with other toys. Try out some combinations for yourself.

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