What is the Meaning of Pocket Pussy

You might have heard the term “pocket pussy” dropped and justifiably wondered what the speaker was talking about. Time to broaden your horizons. The pocket pussy is a compact masturbation sleeve that can accommodate a penis of almost any size and provide the erotic bliss wherever you may roam. The “pocket” part of its nomenclature […]

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How to Hold a Pocket Pussy?

When it comes to erotic fun for men, sex toys offer some of the most spine-tingling sensual pleasure available, and there’s no better kind of toy to enhance the joys of male masturbation than the classic pocket pussy. Today’s models offer realistic skin textures, orifices that are lifelike in look and feel, and for those […]

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The Rich and Wondrous World of Penis Sleeves

This time around, when I’m trying to sell you on the notion that the world of penis sleeves is rich and wondrous indeed, I’m not just whistling Dixie. Full-size penis sleeves, realistic penis sleeves, penis extension sleeves – you name it. There’s a penis sleeve that’ll deliver the exact sensual or performance enhancement you want. […]

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Masturbation Sleeves – The Ultimate Penis

Sleeves for Orgasmic Fun Penis sleeves are great for the times when you want to get off on your own, or just have a few minutes in which you’ve absolutely got to use your favourite masturbation sleeves to get off. Masturbation sleeves have achieved an almost legendary level of renown. The Fleshlight ranks among the […]

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