Dildo 101: Which Material, Which shape & Purchase advice for your First Dildo

What is a dildo? Dildos are one of the most traditional sex toys. A dildo is often phalanx, it has a shape, size and appearance as an erect penis. Dildos are penetrating sex toys that are used as a substitute for a penis. Although dildos are mostly used for masturbation, dildos can make sex between […]

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How Are Fleshlights Made? & How unborn twin babies are responsible for the creation of the best selling sex toy for men

  The first ever Fleshlight was created by a 40-year-old man named SteveShuban back in 1998. It all came about when a doctor told his Wife that shewas having a “high-risk” twin pregnancy. Unfortunately, this meant that she wouldn’t be able to have sex for the duration of her pregnancy. But Steve was a man […]

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