The Top 5 Soft BDSM Restraints

Soft BDSM restraints are perfect if you’ve ever had fantasies about being bound up by your partner or maybe even wanted to be the person carrying out the binding up yourself. Restraining your partner’s or your own movements, soft bondage constraints help make love-making activities significantly more rewarding for both of you. In most cases […]

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Different Type of Vibrators for Men and Women

There are two standard ways to control the power of your vibrator. The more basic models come with a rotating dial in their base so you can vary the vibrator’s speed from low to high. Other vibrator models have pre-set pulsations. By pressing a button on the vibrator’s base or on a separate remote, you […]

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5 Must-Have Sextoy for a Weekend Break

Adult sex toys are no longer taboo and are, in fact, sexy must-haves for your getaway for two. Taking along a few of your favorite adult toys can liven up not only your sex life but your holiday as well. Having a bit of fun with sex toys will liven up your entire holiday. Here […]

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6 Tips to Drive him Wild

This article is for you! YES, if you are not getting enough sex from your life partner, we are providing here some ideas for you. There are many ways to enjoy sex such as buying sex toys, driving him wild, watching sex movies, eating healthy food etc. 1. Underneath your clothes Men may not notice […]

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Masturbation Sleeves – The Ultimate Penis Sleeves for Orgasmic Fun

Penis sleeves are great for the times when you want to get off on your own, or just have a few minutes in which you’ve absolutely got to use your favourite masturbation sleeves to get off. Masturbation sleeves have achieved an almost legendary level of renown. The Fleshlight ranks among the latex masturbation sleeves as […]

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Top 10 Sex Tips for the Summer

There are 100’s of Top 10’s out there, but they’ve all forgotten one of the most important areas of our lives – Sex. Here are Top 10 Sex Tips for the summer. Add these to your list and you’re guaranteed to have more and better sex by the end of the summer! Lose the Idealism […]

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