Does women Vibrators size matters?

Does women Vibrators size matters?

Women sex toys

A vibrator for women comes in as different and wonderful styles as the women who use them. A vibrator is a very personal object, and it’s one of the very few things that one doesn’t have to compromise on, as it is solely about the owner’s satisfaction. There is no pressure for someone to choose a vibrator that is too large or too small for them, and if they find their selection doesn’t quite measure up, many stores offer return programs (provided the toy isn’t used, of course!) that give a vibrator for women shopper a second chance at finding just the right tool – or toy – for the job.

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Personal Thinking

Personal vibrators for women are offered in different varieties for specific purposes. For example, a clitoral vibrator is great for women that enjoy external (outside of the body) stimulation, while a g-spot vibrator is best suited to a woman who enjoys sensations inside the vagina. Those that want it all will delight in a rabbit vibrator, a special toy that matches up to a shaft for inside with a simultaneous vibrator for external fun as well. On any toy, the length and girth will vary, and it is a great idea to have your “ideal measurements” on hand before vibrator shopping, to ensure you get just the right size from all the choices of vibrators for women.


Length, when shopping online for vibrators for women, is usually expressed as the length of the toy that is able to be inserted, not the overall length of a toy. The exception, in this case, would be for clitoral vibrators (we mentioned those earlier) which typically do not go inside the body. Diameter is the measurement you would get if you were to measure the shaft from the middle if it were cut down like a tree. The circumference is the distance around the shaft itself and is one of the best indicators of how large a vibrator for women is.

A method to find what length you use

If you have an existing sex toy that you enjoy, take what measurements you are able to – a flexible dressmaker’s tape works for this, or you can use a traditional ruler and a piece of string to find the circumference. Once you know what size is comfortable for you, you will be able to shop with confidence, knowing that your new vibrator for women will “measure up” to your expectations. So when you get armed with these secret tips, you’ll be able to shop among the huge variety of vibrators for women and select the perfect new sensual companion.

Some best websites to buy vibrators

We hope that we gave you enough information about the size of a dildo and vibrator for women.