What exactly is a Masturbator?

What exactly is a Masturbator?

Adult toys

Ok, I have to admit, when I first saw this word, I thought it totally had a different meaning. I was thinking that the word meant “someone who masturbates”, and while there is a word in the English language in which this is defined, this is not that word. The masturbator I am referring to is a small piece of soft plastic, designed to look and feel like a woman’s vagina, a mouth, or a sphincter.

Varieties of Mastubators

I knew that they made these things, but I had no idea there was such a variety about them. Not only do they come in many different shapes and sizes, but different textures and fittings as well. Many masturbators come endorsed by a professional adult entertainment star; basically, they are saying that using their endorsed sex toy is the same as actually having sexual relations with that person.

While I personally find this hard to believe (I mean, most people in the adult entertainment industry have appendages and bodies that go with these other parts of the body. If I saw just a vagina in a porno movie and nothing attached to it, I would think I was watching something other than a porno. Sci-fi maybe, horror definitely, but a porno movie is what is going on there? I’d never guess it) the sales numbers reflect that this just might be the case.

Actual Date V/S Mastubators

I guess I can see the appeal of it. Say you have a favorite porn star who you would like nothing more than to take her out on a nice date that eventually winds up in the bedroom. Most of the guys I know would prefer to skip the date and just go to the bedroom, but that’s another story entirely. So anyway, you buy this masturbator, take it home and really have a good time with it. It is a whole lot safer than trying to arrange an actual date with your favorite porn star. (It’s probably a lot less hectic, too. Masturbators don’t have scheduling conflicts and personal security to contend with.) And you don’t have to spend as much money.

Masturbators can help you a lot

I guess that’s another way of looking at masturbators. If turnabout is fair play, what’s good for one is just as good for the other. Women have their dildos and vibrators; now the man has something he too can use to release himself sexually, rather than just doing it the old fashioned way. If a guy’s wife or girlfriend is away or just not in the mood, a guy could turn to his masturbator rather than going out and possibly cheating on his spouse. Not only would that keep him from ruining his marriage and possibly getting dragged through court, but if his wife or girlfriend was of the violent sort, it could also keep him from being seriously injured or deceased.

I don’t think most people think of sex toys such as these as marriage saviors, but as I have stated in other editorials, how could they not be? When a partner needs some sexual release and the other partner isn’t interested or even there, then that is the time to reach for the sex toys. I think a woman would be less likely to get angry over her husband or boyfriend using a masturbator than catching them in the act of sexual congress with someone other than themselves. There still might be a little explaining to do, but overall the woman is going to be happy that at least her significant other is not cheating on her. Besides, the woman could see it as a benefit for both of them. When she’s just not in the mood, or tired, she’ll know that her husband or boyfriend can get the relief they so desperately crave without ever having to leave the house. Instead of her staying up waiting on her man to come back home after a night of carousing for some sexual satisfaction, she knows that he has a sex toy (which is designed to look and feel like his favorite porn star, no less) that can take care of him. This kind of mutually beneficial decision making could keep couples together for years instead of months.


So basically, a masturbator is a way for a man to have sex with someone other than his wife or girlfriend and not have them get angry. A masturbator is also a way to keep a marriage together; especially when the man in the relationship wants sex and the other partner doesn’t. No longer does a man have to go pick up some bar floozy at some nightclub and take her back to some seedy hotel just to get a little sexual satisfaction. The man remains true to his partner, and yet gets to experience something entirely different than the usual repertoire that he may receive from his wife or girlfriend. It’s a win-win situation.

So what have we learned in this article? I hope you’ve learned that a man has a choice in his self-pleasuring scenarios and that he doesn’t have to use the old fashioned way to get off alone anymore. A man can go online or to a sexual novelty store and purchase exact replicas of the parts of the body of all his favorite porn stars. He then can use these products with guilt-free abandon; even if his wife or girlfriend catches him, he’s not cheating on her. He is merely pleasuring himself with the aid of a sex toy that looks and feels different from sex with that of his wife or girlfriend.

Personally, I’d like to take a closer look at some of these masturbators. If they made anything that was endorsed by Brandy Taylor, I might be persuaded to buy one as well. And if my girlfriend ever caught me using it, I would look her dead in the eye and tell her I was doing my very best to keep us together for eternity.