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How Are Fleshlights Made? & How unborn twin babies are responsible for the creation of the best selling sex toy for men

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The first ever Fleshlight was created by a 40-year-old man named Steve
Shuban back in 1998. It all came about when a doctor told his Wife that she
was having a “high-risk” twin pregnancy. Unfortunately, this meant that she wouldn’t be able to have sex for the duration of her pregnancy.


But Steve was a man with needs, so he asked his Wife if she would think of
him as a pervert if he found himself something he could use sexually in the
meantime. She said she wouldn’t and was fine with the idea, so Steve headed off to the local sex shop to see what he could find.

But all the sex shop had for men back then was a load of old junk.
Unimpressed, Steve set to work creating his own masturbation device, and
after spending $50,000 of his savings getting it developed, the firs Fleshlight was created.

Sex toys for men fleshlight in india

The Fleshlight has come along since then and is now the best selling sex toy
for men all over the world.

The orifices of the toys are made from anatomical molds of real women –
often famous porn stars – and a mix of natural vegetable oils are used in the manufacturing process to give the Fleshlight it’s flesh like feel.

If you want to see exactly how Fleshlight’s get produced, and see how the
manufacturing process works, check out the video below.

THE DOUBLE FEELING from Nikias Chryssos on Vimeo.

You’ll see exactly how Fleshlights are produced at each step of the way, from original molding, right through to the finished product – as well as a sneaky look behind the scenes at the US Fleshlight HQ.

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