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Male masturbation – 09 basic reasons why men do it

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Sex for men and women are totally different things. If for a woman sex is a method to rediscover the harmony of an intimate relationship and dive into the whirlpool of kinky passions and delightful sexual sensations for a man sex is a way to let free the dose of negative energy he accumulates during the overloaded rhythm of a hard-working day (not always, of course) and that’s why men pay less attention to the emotional side of the aspect. When it comes to sex, they start thinking with the other head, instead of the one on their shoulders. Alas, it is true. And, even if there are exceptions, they disappear faster than Kobe Bryant makes a “no look” slam dunk. Some of you might argue this but, alas, as we’ve mentioned before this is nothing but pure truth.

According to statistics, 80% of guys and 50% of ladies masturbate. In reality, the numbers must be much higher. Let’s leave for a moment the “delicious sex” aside; this is a topic for another article, and will talk about “beasts”… oops, we meant to say, men. Masturbation is a part of every man’s life. Do not masturbate only sons of religious maniacs and impotent men, however, there are sex toys that can cure the last one mentioned.Thus, we can easily come to the conclusion that the number of masturbating males can be estimated at 95%, rather than 80%. The most interesting fact is that men keep masturbating even after their adolescence times when they get into a serious relationship or/and get married. You wonder why??? Well, there are 10 main reasons why they “don’t behave themselves”. Coming up with 10 reasons would mean another boring article, raising a lot of questions and giving answers to none of them. That’s why our team decided to post a sort of “Qs and As” article, providing ladies with solutions of how to get back to a normal relationship, where love prospers and sex, not masturbation, is the best friend of both partners.

1. Stress a man can get rid of his stress in two different ways – either get drunk or get laid.

The second option can be achieved by means of 2 methods: sex with a woman vs. sex with a hand. Everyone, of course, chooses what he thinks is better. A strong point for masturbation is the factor of least effort: go to the bathroom, lock the door, get your pants down, masturbate… and that’s it – stress has vanished away.

An important role plays the physiological aspects, as during any excitement the blood flow increases and, eventually, brings to an erection.

What to do: Ladies, try to delicately explain to him that you understand his work is a tough one and involves a lot of stress but you’re always ready to lend him “a helping hand”. An alternative approach would be giving him a sex present, yes, a sex toy. A male masturbator is the best option to start with. Thus, you can gradually bring adult sex toys into your bedroom games and try the other side of sex fun.

Show him your devotion, your love and affection. Show him you’re NOT egoist and you care more for his pleasure, not for your own. Otherwise, my dear, your man can get used to masturbation and stress is going to be not the only situation when he’ll feel like masturbating. Eventually, masturbation can replace sex! But you don’t want that, do you?

2. Spouse is no longer interesting (as a sexual partner)

After marriage, you started to gain weight, use make-up only before going to work, wear a pair of weird jeans every evening, take only morning showers and not before going to bed – all these factors affect an intimate relationship within a loving couple. Your man still wants sex, it is not going to be you this time.

In such cases, the launching point to masturbation will be new porn movies and adult magazines. More and more frequently he is going to go to the bathroom and lock the door, with a new edition of “Hustler” under his armpit. And, eventually, this may end up with him cheating on you with other women.

What to do: The main reason for cheating and divorces – it is when the passion and romance of a relationship start to rust because of everyday routine stuff.What’s more interesting is that both partners contribute to such a “Happy End”. One – by means of behaving, the other one – by means of ignoring the situation. That’s why, when a man starts to “go solo”, then you have to discuss the issue. If the problem is YOU, then it is about time to change something about yourself and about your sexual behaviour in general. Watch an adult movie together, ask him to use on you a vibrator or a dildo, play new sex games or/and pick the dominant role in your bedroom adventures. Go crazy, to put it simply!

3. Not enough sex actually, it is a rare case.

It is usually women who suffer from lack of good sex: men, after sex, are usually acting like freaking gorillas. They turn over, with their hairy back facing you, and fall asleep as if they’ve just satisfied a whole harem, whereas female partners have to reach the orgasmic sensations by themselves. They are lucky enough is they have at hand a vibrator or a dildo, or another sex toy to make that process less time taking and more pleasing. But, sometimes, there are cases when men complain about lack of sex: it is when a man wants sex like every day, whereas his woman – once in a while. It is clear that, when you want sex but you cannot get it, the only way out is masturbation.

What to do: Give him some new sex sensations! Change positions during intercourses, use adult sex toys for a couple that will help you both enjoy sex like never before, try anal sex or anything you haven’t done before.Facts: when you pick a position when the female partner moves just a little or doesn’t move at all, thus making her man take all the action, sex is guaranteed to last longer and feel better.

4. Elementary laziness

Yes, sometimes men feel lazy to have sex that’s why they go for a masturbation session. As it was mentioned above, sex for a man is more a physical act, rather than an emotional, whereas women expect men to start with foreplay, sweet words, kisses, blah-blah-blah… Men, sometimes, don’t want to go that LONG WAY, that’s why they choose to masturbate.What to do: make him understand the golden rule of sex – its ultimate aim is sexual bliss for the both of you, as a couple.

5. Can’t get satisfaction from sex

This is more of a psychological issue. The problem is in his head, an imaginary one, of course: he thinks that he can’t get any satisfaction from sex, only masturbation can “save” him and give him what he’s looking for. Reasons are rather trivial: small penis, low self-esteem, an inner annoying thing, etc.

All these bring to a difficult situation when both partners suffer from poor or lack of sex. They both pick the way of masturbation, yes, the female partner as well, because she needs sexual satisfaction as much as a man needs it.What to do: there are 3 options on how to act in such cases. Either you try to show your man how good he is in bed and convince him there’s no greater love than he is (it’s going to be a hard work for you, my dear, involving all possible sex tricks, such like: role-playing, usage of sex toys, changing positions, wearing sexy lingerie to excite him more, etc.), or take things as they are (but this, unfortunately, will not solve the problem, as you’re deceiving yourself that you’re happy when, in real life, you’re NOT), or put an end to such a relationship.

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6. He thinks masturbation replaces physical exercises

We know it sounds funny. We had a good laugh ourselves. There was a man who has read somewhere that 5 minutes of intensive masturbation is equivalent to half an hour of physical exercises in a gym. Thus, he calculated that if he masturbates thrice a week during a whole month he can lose about 25 lb.The saga continues. He comes across some articles that said how to better masturbate to imitate oral sex, anal sex and sensations of different sexual positions. He was masturbating like an “Energizer” rabbit, day and night. The more he was masturbating, the better was his appetite. As a result, he gained 10 more pounds.What to do: Let him know that during sex he burns more calories than during self-pleasing session, as during sex moves not only one hand but the whole body. Pick positions where only the male moves so he can feel his muscles working.

7. Masturbation and sex – one can go with another

To masturbate seems to men as natural and relevant as to eat, drink and breathe. Masturbation, for some men, is a MUST by default. This is the nature of a man and you can’t change his mind. A woman will never understand such logic but she doesn’t even have to. Men are… men.What to do: Turn this hobby of his into your personal advantage. Tell him that you love seeing him masturbating and, also, you know some good masturbation techniques, involving anal stimulation and, also, such adult toys as dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads and masturbators, which will make him feel much better and triple the sexual pleasure.8. Dreaming of another woman but does not want to cheatAgain, it’s all in his head. This is also natural for every man, no matter whether you want it or not. If you have a look back in the history, you’ll always be able to see polygamy attached to a man’s life – courtesans in Europe, harems in the Middle East and geishas in East. Of course, a man that loves his wife and don’t want to cheat on her will never do that. But, what if he wants something else, something new that his wife cannot offer? Masturbation is the answer in this case. He can go and masturbate with a photo of the woman he dreams of – it becomes more delightful for him if he at the same time pictures what he’s doing with her in his fantasies. We now have a so-called “cheating without cheating” situation.What to do: Practically, there’s nothing to do. He’s not cheating, he’s “taking care of himself” without any remorse of betrayal. On the other hand, it is something you have to ponder over and change about your sex life.

09. Masturbation is a sexual practice

As teenagers, masturbation for boys their first step forward to a mature sexual life. Growing older, some percentage of men still continues to masturbate for the sake of getting more “skills”, trying to have a better and longer erection and other things like that.What to do: Try to convince him that sex is more than a physical exercise – it’s the harmony of two loving souls. Sex is… the dialogue between two hearts and bodies. Sex is… the life itself!

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