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What is the Meaning of Pocket Pussy

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You might have heard the term “pocket pussy” dropped and justifiably wondered what the speaker was talking about. Time to broaden your horizons. The pocket pussy is a compact masturbation sleeve that can accommodate a penis of almost any size and provide the erotic bliss wherever you may roam. The “pocket” part of its nomenclature refers to its small size and easy portability, while the “pussy” refers to the shape of the orifice you insert your cock into. There are pocket pussy variants with different openings, but the classic pussy orifice remains the most popular.Despite its small size, the pocket pussy incorporates masturbation that’s more than adequate to accommodate your head and shaft and get you off in a manner that millions of men over several generations have found to be quite satisfying. While the sleeve component of cheap pocket pussies is usually made of correspondingly cheap rubber, the pocket pussy has changed with the times and it’s common to find pocket pussies with sleeves that are crafted out of lifelike synthetic skin substitutes, including CyberSkin. Just submerge the sleeve in hot water for a few minutes before use, and your cock with be engulfed within a warm, lifelike synthetic skin that’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The pocket pussy offers levels of customization beyond those we’ve already mentioned, as well. You can buy pocket pussies with ribbed, textured sleeves that give additional erotic stimulation to your head and shaft, and if you’d like something really special to excite and delight your cock, try a vibrating pocket pussy. You’ll come harder than you thought you ever could with a masturbation sleeve and you’ll also understand why women swear by their vibrators.

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The pocket pussy is exactly what the name suggests, but this compact masturbation sleeve delivers full-throttle orgasms that you might not expect, given the pocket pussy’s size. Portable, versatile, and eminently diggable, if you only know of the pocket pussy by its reputation, treat yourself to the real deal and buy one today.

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