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Vibrator 101 Guides

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What is a Vibrator?

Vibrator is an electric device that massages areas of the body – used most often on the penis, vagina and anus. The most popular use of vibrators is by women for masturbation, but many men use vibrators to supplement their sexual experiences as well. Vibrators come in all shapes, textures and sizes, each catering to a particular taste. With the thousands of vibrators on the market today, you’ll almost certainly be able to find one that suits your taste. Those open to vibrators find they add an exciting dimension to everyday sex or masturbation. Some women describe the sexual feeling from a vibrator as one of the most powerful pleasers.

What do I look for in a vibrator?

When people are shopping for vibrators, they normally shop from a mail-order catalogue, pharmacy, department store or sex boutique. It can be difficult to ask questions about each vibrator because you will have to reveal a bit about your sexual preferences in the process. There are literally thousands of vibrators available in North America, each with its own benefits and shortfalls. This section is designed to help you sift through the many options and find the vibrator that is right for you.Your tastesThe vibrator that you choose will have to be compatible with those who are going to use it. Is the vibrator only for you or is it for you and your partner? If you think to use this vibrator as a couple then be sure that you and your partner shop for the vibrator together. Include your partner in the decision so that he or she can be most comfortable with the purchase. Sometimes men can be a little uncomfortable when a vibrator enters the picture, especially when it resembles their manhood! If your partner is a little uncomfortable, try the Pocket Rocket. This tiny vibe – designed specifically for external stimulation – is consistently one of the best selling adult toys on the market. Women adore direct clitoral stimulation. The Pocket Rocket is a perfect first vibrator for couples.

But what about the solo play?

Vibrators are most often used alone to make masturbation magical. And clearly, the most important attribute of a vibrator is its ability to stimulate. So your first task to determine what type of stimulation you find most enjoyable. Let’s start with the strength of vibration. The intensity of the vibrations will depend on what type of vibrator you choose. Electric plug-in vibrators usually produce the highest intensity of vibration. These models typically come with a number of different settings, giving you a choice of intensities. Be aware that some of the lower settings are too much for some – so if subtle vibration is what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. The most famous electric vibrator has to be the Magic Wand. This model has become known across the world for its exceptional power. The vibrating head is shaped like a tennis ball and is used primarily for external stimulation. Because it’s made by Hitachi, the quality and durability are beyond reproach. Women have been known to own their Magic Wand for a decade or more! But durability isn’t what makes this model so popular. The Magic Wand just seems to rub women in all the right places. It’s so effective that sex therapists are known to recommend it to women with orgasmic difficulty. Those of you who think you would appreciate strong, intense vibrations may want to investigate the Magic Wand further. By contrast, battery-powered vibrators usually provide more subtle vibration. It’s a challenge to choose from the thousands of different models available. To begin with an intensity of vibration. You can normally judge the intensity of vibration by the number of batteries required. A vibrator that takes two C batteries will be more powerful than one that takes only AA batteries. Choosing your first vibrator, however, is not just looking at battery requirements. Consider which areas of your body you would like to stimulate. Most sex toys are designed to massage a specific area of the body. The vast majority of vibrators on the market can be used for vaginal/clitoral/anal stimulation. A perfect example of the prototypical vibrator is the Slim Line Smooth. As the name suggests, this vibrator has a simple, smooth silver design. Most vibrators on the market mimic this style in some way or another. The pointed tip provides concentrated vibrations and the cool silver finish is an exciting addition to any bedroom. A great first vibe.

You Get What You Pay For

When you’re shopping for your first vibrator, you may think that ₹2000 is pricey, but with vibrators, you really do get what you pay for. Cheaper vibrators are great if you’re interested in trying a vibrator for the first time – just don’t expect it to last. Toys in the (Price of cheap) range rarely last as long as you’d like them to. The point is: if you want a quality product, you’re going to have to pay for it. Women looking for a quality toy should look at the Rabbit Pearl. Featured on Sex and the City, the Rabbit Pearl features one of the best motors in the industry. The rotating head provides incredible vaginal stimulation while the little bunny focuses on the clitoris. If you buy just one vibrator, then this is it click here.

Being a smart consumer

The price, durability and portability of a vibrator will undoubtedly influence your decision to buy one model over another. Electric vibrators are usually more expensive than their battery-powered counterparts but last longer. Name brand vibrators commonly referred to by most larger companies as ‘personal massagers’ are of the highest quality, but normally come at the highest price as well. As for battery-powered vibrators, their most appealing attribute is the fact that they are portable. This means you can enjoy your toy at the cottage, while on vacation or even on a date! Remember to stock up on batteries, as these vibes tend to run themselves down quickly.What is the difference between a vibrator and a dildo?You may not have guessed it, but vibrators are not primarily used for vaginal penetration. If you thought they were, you might have been thinking about dildos, which are used for this purpose. Let’s clarify the distinction between the two. Vibrators are quivering, electrical devices, and are used most often on the exterior of a woman’s genitals for sexual stimulation. They can sometimes resemble the male sexual organ, but most popular brands do not represent any part of the human body whatsoever. Women can use vibrators to stimulate their clitoris, vulva, vagina and anus. Men can use vibrators to stimulate their penis, anus and Nipple. Couples use vibrators together to improve the pleasure of sexual affection.On the other hand, dildos are often phallic in shape, although some models provide women and men alternative designs, such as figurines or even miniature statues. Since dildos don’t vibrate they are most often used for anal or vaginal penetration. However, some women like massaging their clitoris with their dildo as well.

Why would I want to use a vibrator?

For Women Vibrators are often quite helpful to women who can’t reach orgasm during masturbation or sex. Many women require constant, prolonged clitoral stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm, and the vibrator can provide the required stimulation. The unwavering vibrations on the clitoris and surrounding areas send many women into orgasm much more quickly than a hand, tongue or penis and in addition, produce a more intense climax. The device, however, is not just for sexual pleasure; vibrators also have many other sexual health benefits. For those women who have decreased mobility due to accident or disability, vibrators can be a wonderful, soothing addition. Women who have sensitive genitals because of pregnancy can use a vibrator to reduce their pain. Finally, women may experience the reduced sensation as the age and the vibrator can be just the thing to create the stimulation they were used to in their earlier ages. Vibrators are a simple, versatile sexual toy for women who want to explore new roads of sexual satisfaction.

For Men

Unfortunately, men have often overlooked the benefits of a vibrator. Men typically do not experience the same difficulty achieving orgasm that women sometimes do, so vibrators are not needed or desired. Yet, many men enjoy the vibrating sensation on their genitals. The vibrators that are made for men include vibrating sleeves, vibrating penis rings and anal toys but some men have no trouble using traditional “women’s” vibrators on themselves. Men who use vibrators usually describe related experiences as women. For couples, vibrators enhance even the healthiest sexual relationship. A vibrator can provide mutual pleasure when a woman presses it against her clitoris during intercourse as the vibrations can also be felt by her mate. Vibrators can also be used to improve oral sex, by putting the vibrator on the genitals while oral stimulation is being performed. Show your partner how you use your vibrator when alone, so he or she can learn which techniques provide the most intense sensations.

What are some ways to improve the use of my vibrator?

Vibrators can produce some of the most profound sexual pleasure around (aside from your partner, of course!) You’re only limited by your imagination when you learn how to use it to its fullest.The first thing to do with a vibrator is to experiment with it. Test out the speeds and intensities of the different levels of vibrations (for those that are equipped) and find out what feels good for you. A vibrator can be pleasurable while you are on your back and directly massaging the erogenous area; on your stomach while your vibrator is nestled into the bed, or any other variation you find exciting.If the vibrations are too powerful and you find them to be numbing rather than pleasurable, turn the speed of the motor down. If you can’t change the speed of your vibrator, you can dull the vibrations by wrapping the vibrator in a towel or even a small pillow. Conversely, if you find the sensations too soft, try adding gentle pressure with the vibrator against the body. You may still find this is not enough, in which case you may want to get a more powerful vibrator.Once familiar with the sensations provided by your vibrator, experiment a little. Here are a few suggestions.

Experiment with different types of vibrators.Try to prolong stimulation. Use the vibrator until just before orgasm, turn it off, rest, and start again. Keep trying this until you can’t wait any longer, and enjoy your orgasm. Many people find this to be the most long-lasting and pleasurable way to use their vibrator.Enhance stimulation by other means. Some women like using a dildo in their vagina while the vibrator smoothly massages the clitoris. Using some lubrication on the end of the vibrator will allow it to slide around easier on the genitals, and enhances the feeling of the vibrations. Use it on all of your body. Try using the vibrator in different places, warming you up for your favorite spot. Many vibrators are powerful enough to use pleasurably on the back, face, legs and feet. Men may be a little apprehensive about trying a vibrator for the first time because they may be asking, what do I do with this? A vibrator is perfect for stimulating all areas of the genitals. The head, shaft and bottom of the penis, as well as the testicles and anus, can all be stimulated enjoyably. Some men find that the vibrator is excellent to massage the area below the scrotum as they give themselves manual stimulation. This can produce a fantastic orgasm.Tell the info.

Center about your favorite techniques…

Are there any techniques that you use with your vibrator that you would like others to know about? If so, then please confidentially comment these discoveries so that they can be added to our information center.

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