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Everything you wanted to know about male orgasm

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If you read a bunch of routine and day-by-day articles about sex, then most probably you can come to the conclusion that man is an awful, pathologic egoist. The life seems perfect to him, even though he cannot satisfy his partner and the poor lady has to suffer her entire life from a “prematurely (constantly) ejaculating” partner. Thus, all the recommendations for men are limited to one single idea: forget about yourself, all the attention goes to her. Otherwise, the unsatisfied SHE is going to turn into a real Blair Witch.True couples, where partners share a mutual feeling of respect and care about each other, try to figure out what exactly causes the premature ejaculation and by means of special sexual exercises, sex positions, masturbation techniques and usage of a certain range of adult sex toys (anal vibrators, prostate massagers, vibrating dildos, etc…) come to a phenomenal result, with unbelievable “sex records”. However, not every story ends up with a “Happy End”. Sometimes, it goes so far that women start looking for a new partner, but this is the worst case possible, of course, and at the basis lays not just the sexual aspect of their relationship.

Nature was quite unfair to some men, making their lives so miserable, who keep thinking that they are absolutely useless in what concerns bedroom fun. The funniest, and at the same time the weirdest, the thing is the way the two sexes examine one and the same case. For example, if we take such a typical and an everlasting situation like the “golden” question: “Honey, did you come?” are totally different. Women see it like a TOTAL TURN-OFF, whereas the poor guy, trying to be nice and tender, and acknowledging he screwed up the whole thing, desperately hopes his partner was as lucky as him. Dear women, how you want us to react in situations like that? Don’t give a damn about your sensations at all and stop asking you “stupid turn-off questions” or should we care for your feelings? Anyhow, a true relationship, as it was mentioned above should be based on true feelings and mutual passion, care and respect – only in this case you can cope with occurring now and then sexual disorders.In the meantime, let’s dig the phenomenon of male orgasm, step by step. You’re going to receive answers to some questions about male orgasm you’ve been asking yourself for so much time and reveal some other information about men’s health that could be useful for you in the future.

So, here we go:

1. Orgasm and ejaculation – is it the same?

Orgasm, in men’s case, is expressed by an ejaculation. Orgasm can be outstanding and emotionally vivid; however, it can also be dim and obscure. The last one described, can be called ejaculation without orgasm, meaning no emotional and physical bonus sensations. The second option, orgasm without ejaculation, is rather hard to imagine, unless you come across a mega lover, who will offer you 7 sex sessions in a row and then, inviting you for a new round, will not have more semen/sperm to ejaculate, although reaching an orgasm.

2. How many orgasms in a row should be considered as normal?

Stories like those from the “American Pie”, when the bloke ejaculated two times in less than 30 seconds, are usually nothing but sexual science-fiction. A healthy, young (up to 25 years old) and very in love man needs, at least, 3 minutes to recover and get down the business one more time. The older a man grows, the more time he requires to recover his sexual power. When men are engaged in serious, long-lasting relationships, usually, one orgasm per session is enough. If a man tends to change his sexual partners rather often, then, as a rule, he’s eager to reach 2-3 orgasms per night. All the other stories your friends keep telling you about 6-7 orgasms in a row – are bullshit.

3. Do men suffer from anorgasmia too?

Of course, they do. Different reasons cause such situation: it can either be a mental disorder or dysfunction of the reproductive system (like, for example, after a surgery or a serious infection). There are also a range of diseases (mainly of the spine or spinal cord), which can lead to so-called “reactionary ejaculation” – the sperm is being ejaculated inside, rather outside. Thus, the semen gets into the bladder. From the “outer sight,” it looks like lack of ejaculation, whereas later analysis of urine shows the availability of sperms in it. Without taking into consideration of what has just been said, erection looks, and actually is, absolutely normal.

4. Is it true that “Tantric sex”

When a man can have sex without ejaculation like for several days, charges with energy and prolong a man’s life?The artificial prolongation of sexual contact, especially for men who are beyond their 40s, only brings harm to their health, as it leads to a higher tension and a faster heart-beating, which makes his pulse also higher. This is not only physical work but, also, psychological and hormonal overload. Sex has to turn neither into hard work nor into religious practice. Sex is leisure and pleasure, and nothing more. It is hard to believe that French people get less pleasure from sex than Indian yogas or Chinese Buddhists.

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5. Does circumcision have any influence on male orgasm?

If there’s no foreskin on the male’s penis and its head is always open – it becomes less sensitive. Therefore, men with a “trimmed fellow” last longer than uncircumcised.

6. Does male orgasm also depend on position, just like in women’s case?

Yes, also. However, there are specific details separating the two. A woman, when changing the position, starts to receive different sensations, as some other erogenous areas are being stimulated, whereas for a man is more important the visual aspect – the angle he sees his partner. Trivial note: a man loves with his eyes. That’s why many of them like the “doggy style” when a marvellous and picturesque view opens to their eyes.

7. What intensity of ejaculation depends on?

Sometimes the sperm is just “fired”! And, sometimes it stems weakly… As a rule, only the first portion of sperm is fired out. After the second and all the subsequent acts, semen will just flow. Good pressure is a sign of a good-working reproductive system. On the other hand, even if the first portion of sperm weakly leaks off the penis, it means that the sperm is too sticky. This may be due to either long-term abstinence, or Chlamydial infections, or colds, or first phase of prostatitis. In such cases, it is recommended to consult your doctor. Don’t comfort yourself that this is a problem of “age”; the quality of semen should not depend on age.

8. Does the frequency of sexual intercourses have to coincide with the frequency of orgasms?

For women, as it is generally known, it is practically impossible to experience an orgasm every time she has sex, and nothing awful happens in this case. And so, men are the same. The noblest of them, after offering their women the blissful sensation of orgasm, can just interrupt the intercourse, without experiencing an orgasm themselves. However, if that happens more than half of the cases, it is already a cause of concern.

9. What could be the results of a long-term lack of ejaculation?

Prostatitis and other inflammations are, in most cases, the effects of sexual stagnation. Furthermore, the combination of “chastity” and a sedentary way of life are extremely dangerous for the organs of the pelvic area. Even Julius Caesar, after sitting a few hours on the imperial throne, was jumping off it and going to a separate room, where two female slaves were waiting to give him a blow-job. After all, if a man still can’t find a partner, masturbation is always a way out.

10. Ejaculation without sexual intercourse – is that OK?

Looking at a picture of a nude babe in a magazine and having an ejaculation? Well, in this case, we’re talking about spermatorrhoea but not ejaculation. This is a disease caused by flabbiness of muscles around the prostate gland. In general, it is prostatitis at his ultimate stage.

11. Is it true that men are easier to get an orgasm from oral sex than from usual, genital sex?

This depends entirely on personal preferences. The only thing to remember: oral sex in the morning can lead to male anorgasmia, just as any other sexual activity which is not in compliance with rules of hygiene. Oral cavity, overnight, accumulates plenty of bacteria, which cause not only the tooth decay. Entering the urinary channels, these bacteria multiply very fast and can cause a lot of troubles for a man.

12. Does food have any influence on sperm taste?

Yeap. Sweets and fruits make it tastier. Garlic and asparagus make its taste and smell just awful. Inflammatory diseases of the genitals can, also, make semen bitter or disgustingly fresh. Therefore, dear ladies, if you feel that something is wrong with “his taste” – no need to spare his pride, it is better to think about his health and honestly say: “Not tasty!”

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