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Nipple Toy And How to Play With Nipple Pumps

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Your nipples are very sensitive and when you (or your lover) squeeze, pinch, tweak, suck, lick, bite or massage them, it can introduce a whole new level of eroticism to your sexual games. So as you’re browsing for toys for your pussy or penis, don’t forget about your nipples. Some choices for you to consider are:

Nipple clamps

These toys are secured onto your nipples for a tight and tingly feeling. They make your nipples sensitive to the touch, adding more sensations to your already aroused body.

Nipple pumps 

These suction toys create pressure, drawing blood into the nipples and making them look puffy. It makes your breasts more responsive to the touch, steaming up your sexual experience even more. Nipple jewellery – Why not dress up your nipples? Adorn yourself with some nipple rings and invite your lover to take a look!

How to Play with Your Nipples

Your nipples are sacred and sexy, so you want to make sure you’re treating them to the best of carnal delights. Here are some guidelines on nipple play:

Test out the strength of those nipple clamps on your hand before application. Your nipples are sensitive, so you want to make sure you’re only giving them pleasure. Clamp as much flesh as possible. To remain comfortable, avoid clamping the very tips of your nipples.Nipple clamps restrict blood flow to your nipples. Therefore, don’t keep them on for too long; perhaps 10 to 15 minutes should be enough. Any time you start to feel uncomfortable, take them off! Enjoy your playtime, and remember to give your nipples time to breathe and relax.

Play with the clamps once they are firmly latched onto your nipples. Some are individual clamps, others are attached to chains, and still, others come with vibrators. Let your imagination and comfort level guide you! Nipple clamps can be used for any part of your body!

Nipple rings can be clipped onto your nipples. They are very decorative, and the added weight on your nipples is very arousing. Have your lover lick or flick your nipple rings; you will go wild! Nipple pumps enlarge your nipples. Though the effect isn’t permanent, your nipples will become more responsive to nipple play. Pump slowly and gently, finding your personal rhythm so that you remain comfortable yet sensitive.

Breast Pump with Suction Breast pump with suction nipple toy
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Nipple Sucker

Nipple Sucker
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