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Why You Should Buy Sex Toys

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These days, sex toys are no longer seen as shameful and dirty. Outdated, oversized designs that are fit for nothing but the sock draw are a thing of the past and design and functioning has begun to lean toward the everyday accessory. There is such a broad choice out there from G-spot toys and prostate massagers for healthier pleasure, through to bath time toys like the Screaming Octopus for girlies.

Male Sex Toys

For guys, there is a whole host of penis pumps, such as the Bathmate, designed to give him those all-important inches whilst enhancing his sex life into the bargain. Sex toys- objects of pleasure for celebsIf they are good enough for the A-listers then they are surely good enough for us. The likes of Halle Berry and Eva Longoria have openly admitted to getting down and dirty with their own sex toys. Oscar-Winning Berry revealed that she frequents a prestigious sex toy retailer, commenting you can’t forget your sexuality…you can still embrace your body by going to the gym or going to the Sex Toys.

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Female Sex Toys

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has also made little secret of her tendency for personal pleasure with a sex toy and has even been reported to have said she has little requirement for a man due to her large collection of Sex Toys. In relation, and in further testament to girl power, Spice Girl Emma Bunton has cheekily revealed how she frequently pleasures herself with a sex toy given to her by fellow band member Mel B- and we thought you were the junior of the group Emma!

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What about you? 

Find out what turns you and your partner on. The beauty of adult toys is the fact that you need to experiment in order to determine exactly what it is that gets you both going. If your partner is interested in anal fun but is perhaps proud to admit it, give him a cheeky nudge in the right direction. Take a look at the huge number of strap ons out there. Not only will they allow you to take control but they are a great way to increase intimacy.Girls, is your man a lover of the deep throat? If so, are you perhaps often worn down by his incessant nagging for more? Worry not as there is also a handy range of personal masturbators that will keep him occupied on days when you just aren’t feeling it. The Tenga Deep Throat Cup is perhaps the ideal example as it delivers the most realistic deep throat experience on the market. However, if like the majority of us, you aren’t entirely sure what fantasies you have or what it is that really gets you going, why not conduct some of your own research into the huge number of products out there.With an unquantifiable number of kinks, pleasures, tendencies and fantasies, and equally large numbers of toys out there to cater for them, you really are spoiled for choice.Explore your fantasies with sex toys.

Guys, if your fantasy is for your girlfriend to take control then you needn’t keep it as a fantasy. Aid is out there in the form of a number of sex toys from vibes to strap ons, dildos to massagers. From BDSM through to simple pleasures, you will not be disappointed and you needn’t be embarrassed about using sex toys. Why not adopt the Myleene Klass approach. The television presenter and model has revealed that she and ex-bandmate Suzanne Shaw buy sex aids for one another so they don’t have to admit to using them!

To sum up, sex toys have quickly become fashion accessories and daily tools as rejected to dirty secrets. What has previously hidden away and kept ‘hush-hush’ is now flaunted in the media, developed to perfection and used to spice up the most stagnant of relationships. All hail the sex toy!

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